Building and construction law

Our Building and Construction Law department have lawyers with exceptional experience dealing with complex and challenging building disputes

We have been providing expert legal advice and assistance of high quality to individuals, builders, contractors, property developers, engineers, architects and construction companies for more than 25 years. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in assisting foreign construction companies, property owners etc. in the Norwegian marketplace, including foreign entities participating in large infrastructure projects. 

We offer comprehensive and practical legal advice based on a solid and thorough understanding of the Norwegian building - and Construction law. Our lawyers are particularly skilled in providing efficient and operational legal advice tailored to the specific demands of the construction business. We strongly recommend anyone who wants to succeed in the Norwegian building and construction industry to establish long-term cooperation with a lawfirm that have lawyers specialized in Building and Construction law. 

Codex' experts also routinely holds various seminars. Our goal is to teach how to employ the Norwegian standard contracts for building and construction. The seminars focus on the practical day to day issues in projects, such as understanding the structure of the contracts, the system for variation orders and variation order requests, time limits, delays, rules regarding the final settlement etc.

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Our team Building and construction law:
ANDRÉ STANDBERG Attorney at Law / Partner, Corporate, Real Estate Codex Advokat Oslo
HELGE A. TRYTI Attorney at Law / Partner, Corporate, Real Estate Codex Advokat Oslo
TORKJELL SOLBØ Attorney at Law, Partner, Real Estate Codex Advokat Oslo
BENT S. KVERME Senior Attorney at Law, Real Estate Codex Advokat Oslo
LARS HENRIK WINDHAUG Attorney at Law, real estate and construction Codex Advokat Oslo
MARTIN DALEN Associate - Real estate Codex Advokat Oslo
NINJA ROEDE Attorney and Associate Partner, Real Estate Codex Advokat Oslo
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SYNNE JACOBSEN ANDERSEN Associate - Real estate Codex Advokat Oslo