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Our lawyers have extensive and in-depth experience in labor law; in managing employer questions for  both the state,  industrial enterprises within the employer's union NHO, through work as trade union lawyers, judge / junior judge, contributors to textbooks and training courses. Codex Advokat AS assists today both employers and employees, including disputes before the courts.

Codex assists with the preparation of employment contracts and has extensive experience drafting non-competition clauses and other elements in the employment contract.

Codex Advokat AS comissioned a study  in 2003 to uncover the country wide scope of violation of the statutory requirement that a written employment contract is concluded between employer and employee.

The survey conducted by Sentio AS amongst 500 companies with 20 or fewer employees, shows that 17% of the surveyed companies said that none of the employees in the company had  a written employement contract. This is very unfortunate for both employer and employee.

Why having a written contract?

  • To avoid legal sanctions
  • Preventive effect in terms of avoiding work related he conflicts
  • Resolves conflicts
  • Has a resolutory effect on the employment relationship 
  • It forces the parties to think through their employment relationship

Did you know that?:

In Norway there is a statutory requirement that a written contract be drawn up for all types of employement?

In an employment relation of more  than one month duration it is required a written contract as soon as possible and no later than one month after the employment starts?

An agreement shall be made immediately in employment relations of a shorter duration than a month?

The employment / labor contract is the cornerstone of the  employment relationshop. Along with a possible job description, work regulation and collective agreement, it constitutes the basis for the settlement of any labor dispute.

Both employees and employers should ensure that the employment contract is adequately assessed before signing.

Codex advises on the prepareation of employment contracts and has extensive experience designing competition clauses and other elements of the employment contract.

Our employment law department has also developed a separate website with more comprehensive information relating to labour law issues.

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