Attorney at Law, Personal Injury Law

Anne Grethe Kjelland is an attorney in the firm’s Personal Injury Law department.

Background and practise of expertise

Anne Grethe has had Personal Injury Law and Insurance Law as her main work areas since 1996 and treats claims related to traffic accidents, work accidents (injury/illness) and patient injuries. Special knowledge in tort is important as personal injury cases are complicated with constantly changing laws and regulations. Anne Grethe lectures and holds courses in personal injury law for lawyers and attorneys under the direction of the Norwegian Lawyers Education Centre and also lectures about the legal aspects of personal injury settlements for orthopaedists, surgeons, neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists. Anne handles cases and clients from all over Norway and she has therefore developed a special system of legal arrangements to secure high-quality dialogue in spite of the geographical distances between the client and the lawyer. Naturally, clients who feel the need for personal meetings are also welcome.

Work experience

2011-present: Attorney at Law, Codex Advokat Oslo AS
2002-2010: Attorney at Law/Manager, Lawyer Group Kjelland & Co
1996-2001: Associate/Attorney at Law, Advokatfirmaet Owe Halvorsen & Co AS


1995: Master of Law




Critique of the Ministry of Justice’s proposal of a new Civil Procedure Code § 99a

Manual on tort settlements in personal injury cases


I find that my clients are in great need of information. This is understandable since the proceedings of personal injury cases are complicated and a specialty subject even to lawyers. I give the clients a general introduction to the procedure and the various claims records which in turn lays the foundation for a good dialogue and cooperation between the client and me as a lawyer. This kind of introduction makes the client better able to follow his own case and not to say the least; a good working relationship affects the outcome with an understandable result for the person who is expected to live with it. More than 90% of the cases are resolved out of court.

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