Senior Attorney at Law, Family Law

Ole André Tveit is a senior lawyer in Codex Lawyer and part of the firm division of inheritance, and family law. He has extensive litigation experience and has participated in a number of negotiation processes. In addition to working with inheritance, family, Tveit has broad expertise in real estate, general contract and contract law and marketing law.

Background and practise of expertise

Inheritance, family law and children's law. Real estate law. Contract Law. Marketing law. Litigation and negotiation experience.

Attorney Tveit regularly assists clients with ia

- Assistance, including litigation, the financial settlement of separation / divorce and / or termination of cohabitation
- Consulting, creation and interpretation of nuptial and cohabitation agreements
- Assistance, including litigation, in relation to issues of parental responsibility, custody and visitation rights
- Counseling in hereditary rights questions and assistance as counsel in inheritance disputes
- Consulting, creation and interpretation of wills
- Advice and creation of necessary documents by generational changes.
- Advice relating to inheritance tax, including assistance in preparing the gift / inheritance
- Assistance in the public and / or private division of estate
- Assistance, including litigation related to real estate law, including real estate sales, Housing Construction Act, artisan Services Act, the Planning and Building Act,    allodial law, neighbor law, etc..

Professional Experience

2018 - present: Senior Attorney, Codex Advokat Oslo AS
2013 - 2018: Attorney, Codex Advokat Oslo AS
2010 - 2012: Attorney and an associate with the law firm Poulsson AS
2007 - 2010: Legal Adviser, the Consumer Ombudsman


2000 - 2006: University of Bergen - Master of Laws



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