Associate - Labour Law, Property Law, Corporate Law

Associate Stefan S. Amlie in Codex Advokat Tromsø has extensive experience with labour law, property law and corporate law, but assists in most civil law issues.

Background and field of work

Amlie has extensive experience with labour law, and is happy to assist both employers and employees. He also holds courses about property law. In his thesis, Amlie wrote about discrimination in the work place. Because of this, he has expertise when it comes to unjustifiable discrimination.

Within property law, he assists both businesses, private individuals and the public in a number of different issues. Amlie also represents several companies and organisations on a regular basis. Within corporate law, he assists in everything from creation to negotiation, contract interpretation and general advice.

Amlie was educated at University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway. During his education, he specialized in Legal Aid, a subject that involves a number of civilian jurisdictions. Amlie therefore has extensive expertise in the most general civil law issues, including monetary claims, inheritance law, family law and child law.

In addition to his law education, Amlie has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from University of Stavanger. He has worked for a number of Medias, including Nordlys. Because of this, he has a great understanding of how the media works, and is happy to design short- and long-term strategies for both companies and individuals.

Areas of expertise

Labour Law; Downsizing / restructuring, employment security, layoffs, discrimination, contracts, negotiations and other labour law issues. General advice.

Property Law; Settlement, contract and transaction of property. Disputes regarding new buildings and other properties, including cases regarding The Housing Construction Act, The Alienation Act and The Craftsman Service Law. General contract law. Sectioning, redivision, dividing the land and land transfer. Enterprise.

Amlie also has good expertise in a variety of other disciplines, including general business law, corporate law, inheritance law and family law.

Excerpts from Amlie’s CV the last five years:

2015- d.d. Lecturer at the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway
2014- d.d. Associate, Codex Advokat Tromsø AS
2014- d.d. Board member, Jusshjelpa i Nord-Norge
2014-2014 Trainee, Codex Advokat Tromsø AS
2012-2013 Caseworker, Jusshjelpa i Nord-Norge
2011-2013 Chairman, Student newspaper Utropia
2010-2014 Deputy chairman/ Chairman, Studenthuset Driv AS


2009-2014: Master in Law, University of Tromsø
Master thesis:
The employee’s protection against discrimination: On evidence, burden of proof and efficiency
2008-2009: Medical basic studies, University of Tromsø
2005-2008: Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, University of Stavanger


Amlie has the last years held introduction courses on labour law and monetray claims for new employees at Jusshjelpa i Nord-Norge. He has previously substituted as a teacher, teaching the subjects Law I and II at Kongsbakken high school. Starting autumn 2015, he has also lectured in two elective subjects at the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway.


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